Welcome to the world of the Guitar Pick Necklace where we’re going to discuss the best guitar pick necklaces we could find on the internet.

For as long as there have been guitar picks there have been crafty people out there putting together and making guitar pick necklaces. In recent times the trend of musical instrument fashion has grown and you now see all sorts of different guitar pick jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, clothing and earrings. 

For now we are going to focus specifically on the guitar pick necklace. This will refer to guitar picks that can be worn around the neck. Guitar pick necklaces will have one/ two or all of the following 3 functions:

  1. Fashion: this refers to wearing a guitar pick necklace solely for fashion purposes. 
  2. Memento: refers to guitar picks with engraved messages on them to be worn as memento’s for various reasons
  3. Practicality: referring to guitar pick necklaces that hold your guitar picks so you won’t lose them. 

We will feature necklaces that cover all of the above functions. 

Pickbandz | Guitar Pick Necklace 

Pickbandz guitar pick necklacePickbandz are a company that produce a wide variety of guitar pick jewelry and holders.

Their guitar pick necklace is possibly the most popular one in the world at the moment. 

The design is simple yet attractive without discarding quality at all. 


The Pickbandz necklace has the following features: 

  • The neckalce fits all sizes as the pick holder is attached to a high quality piece of rope that has a slip knot making it possible to fit all
  • It is made from one hundred percent silicon 
  • The surgical grade pendant will hold up to two regular sized guitar picks 
  • The pick necklace comes with a free Pickbandz branded guitar pick with a light to medium gauge (0.71mm) guitar pick 
  • There is also the option of colour with 7 different choices 
  1. Orange
  2. Grey
  3. Pink
  4. Red
  5. Yellow 
  6. White
  7. Black



PickBay | Guitar Pick Necklace Holder 

Pickbay guitar pick necklaceThis guitar pick necklace by PickBay is much like the Pickbandz necklace above in theory however while being similar, they share some differences which separate these two pick necklaces. We have featured the PickBay necklace on our list of Guitar Pick Holder’s as it can also be classified as such. 

The PickBay necklace has the following features: 

  • The pendant can hold up to 3 regular sized guitar plectrums of a medium gauge. You may be able to squeeze in a fourth or fifth if you use soft or thin guitar picks. 
  • This necklace showcases your favourite guitar picks while also being able to wear as a fashion item
  • The Pickbandz has a rope while this PickBay necklace has a nickel chain which is completely adjustable to fit your size
  • The pendent is hand made as well as being cast by hand. It has been made from high quality chrome

If that isn’t enough, the PickBay necklace also comes with a velvet pouch as well as an official Fender celluloid guitar pick.



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